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Your Guide to Painting Gourds

Your Guide to Painting Gourds

Gourds are versatile vegetables that resemble squashes and pumpkins. They come in varying forms, shapes and colours which make them perfect decorative additions to your home. Decorative gourds are visually appealing and are lovely on a shelf or as a table center piece. In addition, […]

What You Need to Know About Selecting Gourds

What You Need to Know About Selecting Gourds

What You Need to Know About Selecting Gourds Gourds are visually unique and interesting vegetables that I like to turn into works of art. I enjoy painting and sculpting gourds which is a fun and creative activity that even children can enjoy. Gourds have the […]

Try out my gourd jigsaw puzzle. It’s fun.

My favorite Links

My favorite Links

Here are some special gourd links you will want to check out Dar Beck’s wonderful silk dyed gourds Subscribe to Patch Pals e-mail list – a great group!!!) Canadian Gourd Society American Gourd Society California Gourd Society Welburn Gourd Farm Russ Estes Bonnie Gibson Phyllis […]

Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Through the years I’ve been gourding, I’ve learned some great things that make it easier or more fun. I want to share some of those ideas here. Handling and cleaning gourds THE most important thing to remember is to work safely. That means using protective […]

A Beauty Business Owner Tackles A Very Personal Problem And Wins Big

A Beauty Business Owner Tackles A Very Personal Problem And Wins Big

Daisy Jing is an entrepreneur who has struggled with skin problems for a great period in her life.

She found this a distressful experience over the formative years of her life as it did have an effect.

Jing says that skin issues are not just about the physical appearance or condition. So long as you are not content with your aesthetic appearance, you will probably have some confidence issues. It can get to gradually harm or affect an individual emotionally and mentally.

She came up with a YouTube channel in 2009 as she was on the verge of finding a remedy over the years. The channel became her platform to express her experiences talking about the products she had put to test. Choosing this path became an educational journey for her as well as her followers. Ultimately, she realized success. She was able to keep at bay the residual scarring and outbreaks from a mix of natural ingredients that she came across from her product trials.

It became a giant step in her life as she was now convinced that she had a way to fill a big gap in the skincare industry. She went ahead to come up with her company, Banish, where she packaged and sold her new findings. This was back in 2012, she says that Banish has grown to have 13 employees and the revenue is in several million dollars a year.

Jing has grown to have a significant presence on social media with her YouTube channel having about 200,000 subscribers. She has also diversified her presence through Facebook and Twitter where she often gives tips and converses about the results with her fans.

Jing, at only 27 years, holds the hope that through her entrepreneurial skills her products will be able to reach people suffering from skin issues. For the customers that are already existing, she has the determination to improve their lives. The drive to start the business came up as an opportunity to solve a problem, just like most women entrepreneurs. It came out as a finding from our 3-year 1,000 Stories campaign, where Jing took part, that most female entrepreneurs are motivated into the business world from such reasons.

Jing says that she has the desire to help people. Therefore, her journey goes beyond clearing blemishes and scars that can be caused to the urge of boosting confidence in others the same way she gained hers when her skin became clearer.

Solving a Problem the Entrepreneurial Way

Having grown up in Minnesota, Jing followed her college dreams in North Carolina at Duke University. In 2011, she had the opportunity to graduate with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Social Psychology from the same university. Fresh out of college she moved to California to work for a professional service firm.

All along, Jing kept trying each product in the skincare industry hoping to find a remedy for her skin situation that was severe. She tried vitamins supplement, body washes. The problem endured from her school days and into her professional journey. She felt disturbed such that in 2012, she made an effort to visit a plastic surgeon with an aim to remove the scars that were left behind by blemishes. The surgeon ended up advising her to try treatments that were all-natural.

Jing felt motivated after the consultation. She went ahead to use the inspiration and her years of knowledge that she accustomed to while trying beauty products to coming up with skincare mixtures from her home to find out if the mixtures would make a difference.

Surprisingly, her homemade products tend to show encouraging results. She, therefore, used the advantage of social media to inspire her work of which many people really liked. She ended up selling some few products to people here and there.

Years went by and she now lifted off the burden of mixing from home and got contractors to do the job on her behalf. What really makes her proud is the fact that the venture happened in an organic way. What happened is, the product spoke for itself as she did not have the capacity to put in thousands of dollars for marketing purposes.

Hurdles on the Path to Success

Investing into such a competitive industry, she had to understand that it is a rocky path despite the fact that the scaling of her business happened naturally. The major challenge was slow growth. She says that this was as a result of going all-natural as the availability of the ingredients caused the slow pace compared to her competitors who really gave her temptations.

Having the primary mission of Banish in mind, she never gave up. Jing remained adamant and came up with a good team of people who shared the same vision and mission for the company. She built herself to have the capacity to forge relationships with suppliers as well as sourcing of ingredients. She decided to stay focused as she understood that if not careful she might end up with a company she never visualized.

For her, quality comes first and hence she limited the number offered by Banish. Her point is that instead of trying to offer everything in the market, it is better to have specifics that will end up being the best of the best.

Jing is Chinese-American and in accordance with their tradition, being a young woman who is an entrepreneur is not acceptable. She, therefore, had to fight this judgment of which took her a very long time.

Jing continues to say that what she appreciates from the experience is that she came to learn that one should never put a focus on the problems at hand because at the end they will remain. The point is to focus on solutions. She considers the issue with negativity her toughest roadblock. Her major motive is to let people know that they can make it if they stay positive.

Expanding her Audience

On her pursuit of glory, Jing says that she has one more nut to crack by the name of “market awareness.” Her products are not yet well known to the people. She started to develop make-up products specific for acne prone skin, like foundations, moisturizers…

She considers selflessness and her entrepreneurial drive the motivating factors to expand Banish. Her hope is to reach out to the number of people who do not know about Banish yet and offer them an opportunity to try the product.

She is concerned about offering her customers whatever they need in order to boost their confidence as well as make them appreciate themselves. In addition, she says that the main aim is not about the model like appearance, it’s a matter of being comfortable with yourself.